Balloon Decorations at Party Perfect

                                                                                                          for Special Events and Functions

                                                                                                      Parties - Corporate Events - Weddings

                                                                                  Balloon Arches - Balloon Centrepieces - Balloon Bouquets

                                                                                                                     Balloon  Columns

                                                                           Balloon drops and releases - Dance Floor and Ceiling Treatments

                                                                                Single Arches from  £30.00   -  Spiral Arches from  £60.00

                                                                                 Table Displays from  £4.50     -  Foil Balloons from  £4.00

 Our expert Decorator has provided balloon decorations for about every occasion imaginable. No matter what your event, we have the experience and designs available to create the atmosphere, the look or theme you desire. We have lots of ideas for all occasions and for all budgets.

Our balloon decorating will look great from start to finish. We use quality products and materials and the latest techniques in the art of decorating with balloons. When we decorate your function we will not leave until everything is just right. Our balloon arches will be flawless and just the right size for your needs. Every balloon centrepiece will be perfect, every ribbon curled. Our balloon drop or balloon release will happen without a hitch, customer satisfaction has always been our number one priority.

Whether you have something specific in mind or need some suggestions, call us for a free consultation.

Call Party Perfect:   01942 52 60 60 - 01942 861 432 - email: